Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Rubrics For Oral Presentation - 3HCL

RUBRICS FOR ORAL PRESENTATION [Teacher 15%+Students 5%=20%]
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Subject Knowledge
Provides irrelevant or no support. Explanations of concepts are inaccurate or incomplete. Audience gains little knowledge from presentation.
Provides some support for main points, but needed to elaborate further with explanations, examples, descriptions, etc. Support is relevant, but not timely.
Support for the main point is evident with elaboration and citing of relevant examples where needed. Key concepts are explained in general. Support is relevant and timely.
Depth of content reflects knowledge and understanding of topic. Main points adequately substantiated with timely, relevant and sufficient support. Provided accurate explanation of key concepts.
Delivery and Engagement with Audience
The vocabulary is awkward or inappropriate for the topic, making the speaker difficult to understand.
The vocabularies used are relevant to the topic though not accurate which might cause some misrepresentation to the audience.
The choices of language and explanations are appropriate for the topic; the vocabulary provides clarity and avoids confusion.
The choices of language and use of examples work together to heighten the audience’s interest and connection to the topic; the vocabulary is descriptive and accurate, engaging the audience through imagery.
Body Language
Eye contact with the audience is lacking. Gestures are missing or awkward. The speaker depends heavily on the written speech or notes.
Attempts to maintain eye contact with audience. Some gestures can be observed as speaker interacts with audience.
Eye contact, interaction with aids, and physical gestures are natural and fluid to reinforce and enhance verbal messages.
Eye contact, interaction with aids, and physical gestures demonstrate the speaker’s energy and interest, guiding the audience through the presentation.

*The final report and oral presentation should be written and presented in MTL.

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